Iron Chef UK

So this week has seen some more filming of Iron Chef UK up in Glasgow.

It’ll be a busy week for Aikens, Joo, Blunos, &  Dwivedi.

Not only is this the penultimate week of filming, but the media are doing their reviews with the likes of ‘The Sun’ going up there. Of course their reviews will be embargoed until the launch in 2 months time, I will continue to post as and when I hear more & share it with you all.

There have been a few problems for the production team, not least the potential threat of litigation & the behaviour (or lack of it in Mr Aikens case, apparently he’s been told to be more animated!?!) of one of the Iron Chefs (one of them has been using potty language so much, that it would be a constant stream of bleeps).

With there being money at stake (rumoured to be £1000 for the winners), the problem has arisen where the chefs have to use the dishes for the close up shots for the tastings as well.

This is posing all kinds of problems with two contestants doing souffles, and the inherent problem of sauces skinning up. Watch out for tealights under some dishes to prevent this.

The Iron Chefs don’t have things all their own way, even though at this stage of filming they have yet to lose, they face some stiff competition. Apparently there are at least two competitors that are current holders of 1 Michelin star, a true test indeed. To ensure that the Iron Chefs have proper back up, there are some serious Sous chefs on board, Mr Aikens has brought along a Sous who has been with Tom for 7 years & is now currently working in a 1star, Mr Dwivedi has gone one step further & brought in a specalist Tandoor chef, whilst Mr Blunos has the infamous James Stocks’s ex-Sous.


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