The Fat Duck Cookbook

During the later stages of the development of the Big Fat Duck Cookbook I was hearing all kinds of things, which in the world of Heston Blumenthal were all possible. There rumours of a special limited edition costing £500 with scratch & sniff strips in the book to give you an idea of what the finished product would smell like. In the end there was no limited edition but only the heavy tomb that is the BIG version weighing in at a massive 6.3kg and £100+ (£125 if you want a signed one from the restaurant itself).

Fortunately Heston and his team decided to release a more price accessable version, The Fat Duck Cookbook.

It is identical to big version in every way (except the hefty price tag & the reinforced coffee table needed to house it), and is divided up into mainly 3 sections, the biography, the recipes & the science stuff. It’s all great reading and possibly the best reason to take a punt at the 2 month waiting list for a table at the Bray eatery.

The recipes are complex to say the very least, as you would expect from somebody like Mr Blumenthal, but the production values & the photography is highly detailed, it’s just a shame that the pictures in the book don’t actually correspond with what you may get in the restaurant. Lets face it, if you were served the snail porridge with the snails still alive you probably wouldn’t want to try it out.

All in all an excellent buy & highly recommended.


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