Iron Chef UK #2

So with more details being leaked onto the internet about Iron Chef UK which is going to be aired on Channel4 on the 26th April in the Paul o’Grady slot (5pm-6pm) for 5 weeks.

Olly Smith (the exuberant wine guy from Saturday Kitchen) is going to be hosting with Nick Nairn doing the commentating on proceedings.

With regard to a win ratio, I understand the producers were aiming for a 70-30 ratio in favour of the Iron Chefs and this seems to have been achieved with Mr Aikens providing a sterling effort. Having said that, the episode to look out for is the one with mince as the key ingredient. Tom decided to do the ultimate lasagne, only to be beaten by meatballs in 2 coconut halves connected by some lotus root. Needless to say Tom is non too impressed – watch out for the facial expression – absolute classic!

Don’t worry Chef Aikens fan’s, he makes up for it with an outstanding venison sous vide dish which he announced on Twitter: Tom on Twitter

‘Made a superb venison dish yesterday, cooked sous vide 52c in hazelnut oil, crusted in juniper, hazelnut, black pepper,thyme & brioche yum’


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