Raymond Blanc, tres bien et voila

Having become some what jaded about cooking over a recent period, Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen secrets is the perfect tonic for a pick me up for the pastry sole. The man is a legend and Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons (LMQS) just outside Oxford embodies everything he stands for.

I have to say, every kitchen should come with an Adam (RB’s kitchen PA), ‘ADAM, Adam can you…’, even now with Le Manoir celebrating 25 years & RB turning 60 last year, his drive for perfection is still alive & kicking. Yet in these series of programmes on BBC 2 he shows his more charming & human side (check out the whisk incident in the chocolate episode), almost wooing the viewer, making you feel special – that is the Blanc way.

In the half hour programmes RB cooks several dishes with a central ingredient, whether it’s chocolate, fish or apple he explains the step by step method to creating some memorable dishes, he even takes a trip down nostalgia lane doing his famous ‘Cafe Creme’ dish: 

Having been privileged enough to have eaten at  Le Manoir several times over the years, I can honestly say anybody that describes themselves as a foodie should go. Yes, it’s not cheap & nor should it be, you are made to feel special from the moment you arrive. There are higher accoladed restaurants in the UK than LMQS but few exceed the level of attention to detail with regard to customer service & the total dining experience (& that is excatly what it is, an experience).

Recently it came to the Blog’s attention that RB has had a fall at home, actually it was via his Tweet on Twitter (RB on Twitter). Speaking to sources close to RB & LMQS, he has broken his leg in 5 places and it also has complications, despite this RB hasn’t lost his sense of humour, writing in his blog:

My broken leg rests on silk cushions and two gorgeous nurses – one blonde, one brunette – are holding my hands and singiing lullabies…

…that bit was a dream.

Chef Hermes wishes him all the best for his recovery, follow him on Twitter or on his blog – RB’s Blog & Website


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