Life after Cliveden for Chris Horridge ?!?

I’ve been hearing several stories before and since the unceremonious  departure of the more avant garde chef, Chris Horridge. Mr Horridge came to catering worlds attention on his appointment at the Bath Priory, then followed the initial Caterer interview on his appointment

I make all the chefs carry notepads around because I bounce ideas off them all day long. They’re like secretaries. At the end we sit down and discuss the notes.

This was just the start of the ridicule from with the industry, next up was his appearance on ‘The Great British Menu’:

‘The Hat’ as more affectionately become known, did well against Elisha Carter in the South West region heats ultimately winning with his menu:

After pursuing his distinctive style of cooking Mr Horridge then moved to Cliveden, replacing Robert Thompson. Earlier this year news started to filter through on Twitter about his departure from the Von Essen property.

I’ve been told that Chris has some very exciting projects on the go and, they will come to light very soon. There has been talk of a book of his unique style of cuisine (and this may have been one of the contributing factors of his departure from Cliveden), also a Cotswold based businessman has been interested in doing some work with Chris on his Devon farm with regard to growing crops, salads & veg to his spec.

Either way there is clearly life after Von Essen, & we wish him all the best.


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