Life after The Goose…..

Late last night it came to Chef Hermes attention that Ryan Simpson and his team have re-surfaced after his much publicised departure from The Goose at Britwell Salmon. To put it down to artistic differences would be a mild understatement, some on various forums described it more akin to throwing the toys out of the pram.

Some 3 months down the line and The Goose has hired a new chef in John Footman (ex LMQS and other starred restaurants) but it had been suspiciously quiet from Team Simpson, that was until last night when we received a link to a new website.

Early this morning on Twitter , Susanne Williams announced Mr Simpsons where abouts.

Mr Simpson has re-located near to Henley on Thames and Orwells at Shiplake to be more precise, currently it’s only a hold page but with a section planned for awards Mr Simpson clearly plans to carry on where he left off at The Goose.

Chef Hermes duly felt the need to investigate, and so exchanged several direct messages. Mrs Williams is from The Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy and is doing some of the opening work for Orwells. Based on the messages exchanged and what is on the website it looks like some lessons have been learned. The bar will be open all day and the restaurant will be open for lunch & dinner. Does this mean bar snacks & the dreaded ‘less poncey food’ which started all this in the first place?

We’ve been told that there will be more content on the website in a week or so’s time and the scheduled opening date is May 1st.

We indeed hope that the lessons have been learned, and wish Team Simpson all the best with his new venture.

Orwells at Shiplake, Shiplake, Oxfordshire RG9 4DP,         Tel: 0118 940 3673

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