50 Best restaurants, a review of our leak

So as we had a rather busy day on Friday (including Pimms o’clock) with the post on Heston’s new eaterie & the new ownership of Charlton House – maybe đŸ˜‰ , we decided to post probably the hottest tip we’ve received since we started.

On Friday afternoon we got wind that the top 3 results for the Top 50 Restaurants in The World were out in the open, and we were one of the recipients. So being the caring sharing type of people we are, we posted it on The Caterer’s Forum, Table Talk


So based on the source we published the results:

3rd El Bulli

2nd The Fat Duck

1st Noma

So shortly before 21.30 BST tonight the results were released:-

3rd The Fat Duck

2nd El Bulli

1st Noma

So close, I dare to say that our source was right initially, but as Jay Rayner eluded to on Twitter the judges had a final meeting this morning . Did they change the result of 2nd & 3rd just to scupper the rumour mill that is Twitter? After all there is first & there are runners up. Nice touch from the Noma team, wearing t-shirts with pictures of their Gambian Kitchen Porter who couldn’t get a visa, real team effort.

Just to point out to those on Twitter that nobody saw Ferran Adria getting Chef of the Decade award, that is because the awards have only been going since 2002 & therefore it’s never happened before!

Either way we’re pleased to have worked with our source, many thanks again.

The Full list is available here: 50 Best restaurants list

2 Responses to “50 Best restaurants, a review of our leak”
  1. Jay Rayner says:

    No mate, we did not change anything at the judge’s meeting because that’s not what we do. We don’t decide anything. The rankings are purely numerical. I agree that it does look like there was some form of leak, but yours was always wrong.


    • chefhermes says:

      Thank you for your comments esp as you’re a member of the Academy which judges this.

      I believe the source to be very good esp as it has come from somebody who actually attended the awards last night, & it wasn’t a journalist or a blogger either.

      But as you probably read or hear most of the comments about this award, it is shrouded in as much secrecy as Michelin.

      Thanks again for your comments

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