It’s Grim Up North…….

Late yesterday evening, the Chef Hermes Blog were notified of a significant recruitment move. The name mentioned has been out of the scene for some 18 months or so, but now it looks like he’s taken a fixed term contract in North Yorkshire.

We’re of course talking about the former 5 rosette and Michelin starred chef Chris Staines. At the moment the details are a little fuzzy but we’re led to believe that Mr Staines will be Director of Food & Beverage at The Feversham Arms, which is owned and run by the former Le Manior Aux Quat Saisons & Seaham Hall General Manager, Simon Rhatigan.

What we have been told is that Mr Staines is on a 12 month contract with a retainer in place for his current employers, Heckfield Place in Hampshire. Heckfield has had a number of set backs, and now looks set to open in April 2012. This means that the highly talented Mr Staines will have been out of circulation for some nearly 3years by the time Heckfield opens.

We have been told by some reliable sources that standards need to be lifted to push the Feversham Arms to the next level and Mr Staines certainly has the pedigree to do that. Formerly Marco Pierre White’s Head Chef at The OakRoom (3 Michelin stars & 5 Rosettes) he joined The Mandarin Oriental and the Foliage Restaurant after the departed Hywel Jones. Again he went on to win 5 rosettes & 1 Michelin star, with rising 2 stars in 2007 (but always widely tipped to achieve more).

We wish to congratulate Mr Staines on his new position and all the best for the future.

4 Responses to “It’s Grim Up North…….”
  1. Bianca says:

    Good to hear about great chefs making a comeback! Also heard recently that another chef, Pierre Koffmann is making a comeback at the Berkely in London.

    Sorry, Link removed due to it being a blatant plug. Quite happy for comments & links to other blogs ETC, but the Mr Koffman story is relatively old now

  2. Tom says:

    I’m eating at Feversham next week and am thoroughly looking forward to it, especially following this news.

    Why oh why, is this blog entry titled It’s Grim up North though?? It’s not even a pun or play on words just typical southern ignorance of the north of England I imagine. And I say that as a southerner.

    • chefhermes says:

      Good to hear that you’ll be taking advantage of Mr Staines talents, you’ll have to drop us a line to let us know how you get on.
      The post is titled in such a way for a number of reasons, the KLF song, a playful hint at the north / south divide (which Mr Staines is crossing), and the rumoured amount of work required.

      The title of a post merely serves the purpose to entice the reader into reading further.

      Sorry you dont feel like we’ve as well as we normally do, note to writer ~ MUST TRY HARDER

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