Meat, Adrian Richardson ~ A book review

Ok so we know this book has been out for a while now (November 2008), but we’ve decided to do the review as we were approached by Mr Richardson’s agent & (crucially) it is actually a book worth reading for most cooks & chefs.

Mr Richardson owns La Luna Bistro in the suburbs of Melbourne, a renowned steak restaurant. Throughout the book Mr Richardson explains his reasons for the decisions he’s made concerning the choices for his meats. There are paragraphs on grain vs grass fed animals, dry aging, farm to fork processing chain and getting to know meat. The book is filled with recipes from La Luna, personal & family favourites most of which are illustrated with a mixture of colour and black & white photography.

The main chapters in the book are laid out methodically and so are easy to use as reference points, besides the obvious chapters on Beef, Lamb etc there are chapters on charcuterie should you wish to make your own ‘Elk sausages with juniper & green peppercorns’, Pies with recipes for fillings and pastries and the almost obligatory section on sides, stocks & sauces and accompaniments. All in all it is a well laid out 360 page tome, with the additional luxury of a plastic cover sleeve.

So as with all the cookbooks we get sent to review, we try to cook one dish from the book (but it kind of depends what’s in our store cupboard). We happen to have some Sirloin steak and the various spices required to make the hanger steak dish with smoky flavours. After crushing the spices (which reminded us of North African dishes such as tangine) we rubbed the steak and dry marinated it overnight. The following day for lunch, we preheated our griddle pan and looked forward to our steak, unfortunately we didn’t haven’t time to make the recommended salad of carrot & herbs. The added tip from Mr Richardson about toasting some of the spices really pays off. Whilst we wish we had done this recipe earlier in the summer on a BBQ, it was tasty nether the less. May be this is where this book is aimed. There are several ‘Blokey’ type recipes, from the Hot beef sandwich to Turkey frittata with balsamic syrup (which contains the ingredients, ‘diced vegetable leftovers’).

One of the best parts of the book is the selection of cuts which the author has decided to use. It would have been easy for him to use only prime cuts, but in a world facing financial hardship, Mr Richardson has used the more flavoursome cheaper cuts. Shin of beef, leg of turkey, Venison topside & various uses for pork spare ribs.

‘Meat’ by Mr Richardson is a good starting point for those who want to learn more about the subject & how to cook it. It isn’t definitive by any stretch of the imagination, but we’d recommend it

Gallery of our steak dish from ‘Meat’, Adrian Richardson

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