Been a week of PR emails, our round up of the interesting ones.

So, as the blog has grown and come to the attentions of various PR agents, publications and so on, we now are starting to receive enough material to actually do a post around about the end of the week rounding it all up, along with emailed offers from the restaurants whose emailing lists we’re on.

So onward and upward, some weeks ago we received an email about National Curry Week, yes we thought. We’ve been trying to expand the types of chefs involved with our ‘5Questions – Words of Advice‘ for a while now (so if you’re an agent who represents any starred Indian, Thai or Chinese chef please get in touch). The 21st – 27th November is National Curry Week and in association with Cobra beer they have launched recipes of curried versions of British classics on their FaceBook page:

Next is a lovely email from the New Angel in Dartmouth, not just offering the usual mix of news etc but almost like a mini e-magazine. The main point which caught our eye was

Three courses plus Chef’s Appetiser and Chef’s Pre-dessert, all specially created by Executive Chef Alan Murchison with a glass of festival cocktail for only £32.

This is in the ball park for one of our ‘Cheaper eats’ type posts so there may well be another post there, although it may be slightly unfair as the 10 in 8 group, which owns L’ Ortolan, Le Becasse & Paris House, have only just announced who the new head chef will be in January. There is also chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the grand re-opening of the New Angel on January 13th next year. All you have to do is email them with your suggestion for a new name for the New Angel before 5th December.

Today we received an email from Severn & Wye Smokery mainly on the subject that the 15th of November marked the start of the French elver (baby eels). They also kindly included some dates for our diary as well:

4th December     For one night only Franco Taruschio’s pop up restaurant at Llanfoist Village Hall (nr Abergavenny)

5th December     Abergavenny Christmas food and Drink Fair  10am-5pm

5th December     Harrogate Loves Cooking  at Harrogate Centre    featuring Hugh F-W, Gary Rhodes, Anthony W-T, and James Martin.

Well that’s it for this week, if any more press releases come in next week we may consider doing it again.


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