John Campbell & Coworth Park.

Earlier on in the month The Chef Hermes blog received news that former two Michelin star chef John Campbell had parted company with Coworth Park. Now after sitting on this story for 3 weeks the blog is going to do it’s best to set the record straight.

Mr Campbell, as of April 1st, is now consulting at The Dorchester Collection’s newest property 3 days a week & that there has been some re-structuring particularly in the Food & Beverage department. This will enable Mr Campbell to concentrate more of his time on the eponymous restaurant at Coworth Park.

Mr Campbell came to the culinary world’s attention shortly after he gained a Michelin star at Lords of the Manor in the Cotswolds. 4 Rosettes duly followed but unfortunately the property was big enough for Mr Campbell’s ambition & when Sir Peter Michael enquired about his services for The Vineyard he jumped at the chance. 7 Fruitful years came & went at The Vineyard, culminating in two Michelin stars, a Catey award & multiple rosettes, but in 2009 Mr Campbell left The Vineyard for pastures new and onto The Dorchester Collection’s Coworth Park.

When Mr Campbell joined Coworth Park he was careful to surround himself with a plethora of talented chefs, such as Peter Eaton (formerly Head chef under Mr Campbell at the Vineyard & now Executive chef at Coworth), Olly Rouse (formerly of The Vineyard & Marcus Wareing’s Petrus) & Simon Aquilina (formerly Head chef at The Hempel & briefly Heston Blumenthal’s Hinds Head). The Blog is lead to belief that not only senior members of the team, but also junior members of the kitchen have flocked to work for Mr Campbell such is his standing within the industry.

The catering world has been a buzz for the past couple of weeks that Mr Campbell had been sacked. The Chef Hermes blog can state that this is completely untrue & with out foundation. Mr Campbell has, it appears been working somewhere in the region of 90hours a week to make the dining options at Coworth Park some of the best around. This is on top of his commitments with Baxter Storey with their chef academy & training, underlines his commitment to education and the chefs of the future. The blog has been told that his move to a consultancy basis was completely instigated by Mr Campbell sometime ago.

The Chef Hermes Blog would like to wish Mr Campbell all the best for the future, what ever he may choose to do and that Mr Eaton will do an outstanding job for Coworth Park.

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