Seasonal Produce ~ May

With plenty of chefs now tweeting and posting pictures on FaceBook, Spring is well and truly here. Chefs such as Sat Bains, Steve Groves (Roux Parliment Sq), Mitch Tonks, Martjin Kajuiter, Simon Rogan , Rene Redzepi & Russell Brown have all posted pictures of recent dishes.

So without further a do here is the produce which will be around this month.


Artichokes (French Bunch Baby,  French Globe, French Purple), Asparagus (White, Wild, Green), Aubergines (British ‘Holly bank’), Avocado (South African, Fuerte), Beans (Borlotti, Yellow Butter, Bean shoots, Flat Beans, Helda Beans – Spanish – Silk Beans, Yellow wax).

Beetroot (English Baby), Borage Flower, Broad Beans, Broccoli (English Purple), Bronze Fennel, Carrots (English Baby), Cauliflower, Chive flowers (2nd week), Courgette flower (French 2nd week), Courgettes (Round Green, Round Yellow), Elderflowers, English Lovage.

Fennel (English Baby, Italian),Garlic (French Wet, new season, wild (ransoms)), Leek (French new season, English Baby), Mizuna Flowers, Monks Beard (Italian), Nettles Organic, Onions (French Grelot, spring), Peas (Sugar snap, Spanish).

Potatoes (Jersey mids, Jersey royals, Maris piper, Cornish News, Cyprus – (all rounder) Cornish New), Radish (Breakfast), Rocket flowers, Salad (Frissee curly,  Mesclun, Rocket, Garlic, leaf, Cress mustard leaf, English Watercress, French Watercress, Spinach), Samphire.

Sea Beet, Sorrel, Tomatoes (Heirloom, Italian Baby San Mezzano, Jersey Vine, Baby San Mezzano, Coeur de Boeuf veritable, Verona, Rose de Berne), Turnips (English Baby , French Flat,  early purple tops small), Lemon Balm


Apples (Granny smith), Apricots, Cherries, Loquats, Mangoes (Venezuelan, Alphonso), Melon (Charantais, Spanish water), Nectarines (Spanish), Peaches (Spanish,  Spanish Yellow Peach, White Peach), Pears (Comice), Plum (Greengages), Pomegranate, Pomelos, Raspberries, Rhubarb (English Outdoor), Papaya, Strawberries, Yuzu (Yellow & Green)

Game & Meat

Roe Deer (Bucks), Duckling, Pigeon Wood (English), Quail, Rabbit, Spring Lamb.


Cod (Atlantic, Pacific), Coley, Gurnard, Haddock, Hake, Halibut (Pacific), Hokey, John Dory, Plaice, Megrim, Perch, Pollack (Alaska), Salmon (wild), Sand Eels (South Coast, End of Month), Sea Trout, Thornback Ray (rocker), Whiting, Zander, Crawfish (Spiny lobster), Crayfish (freshwater), Cuttlefish, Lobster (native),Langoustines, Brown Crab.


Pied Bleu, Sparassis – Cauliflower Mushroom, Morel, Mousseron (Violet), St George.


Gulls Eggs (from 1st – 15th May only), Marsh Samphire, Hop Shoots, Sweet Cicely, Fresh Green Almonds, Wood Sorrel, Elderflower (Late May), Nettles.

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