The 10 most followed UK restaurant critics

This post follows on from a post done by Huffington Post & retweeted by many including Slash Food, which is how it came to my attention. The title of their post was,

The most popular food critics on Twitter

So obviously I had a look, not a sniff of any of the UK based ones, so I thought I’d do my own list. The problem is that many of the great and good of Blighty’s eaters & writers tend not to be on the social networking sites. For example, whilst Charles Campion is a respected writer & critic he isn’t on Twitter that I’ve found. I Actually put his name into Hootsuite’s search engine only for it to return the Real Madrid player KaKa. Peter Griffin I could have seen but really, a Brazilian footballer?!?

So here you are, the 10 most followed UK based restaurant critics (following figures were current as of 10am BST today).

#10: Gaby Souter with 590 followers

Bio on twitter: The Scotsman Magazine restaurant reviewer and lifestyle writer.

Has a protected twitter account, so you’ll have to ask permission to see it.

#9: Tracey Macleod with 677 followers

Bio on twitter: Agent, broadcaster, restaurant critic, model, actress, whatever…

Writes for The Independent & has appeared on Masterchef amongst other programmes.

#8: Amol Rajan with 1892 followers

Bio on twitter: I work for Evgeny Lebedev and The Independent stable; trustee,; reggae nut; author, Twirlymen. And I tweet in a (very) personal capacity.

Writes for The Independent on Sunday.

#7: Matthew Fort with 2784 followers

Bio on twitter:Guardian Food and Drink editor for 15 years, author of several award-winning books on food and expert judge on popular TV series, The Great British Menu.

Writes for The Guardian & blogs as well: Fort on Food

#6: Kate Spicer with 2878 followers

Bio on twitter: watching waiting prevaricating.

Written for The Sunday Times & The Evening Standard as well as appearing on Masterchef.

#5: Richard Vines with 4563 followers

Bio on twitter: Bloomberg’s food critic. Personal views only.

Writes for Bloomberg Muse & has also taken part in the ‘5Questions’

#4: Marina o’Loughlin with 5462 followers

Bio on Twitter: Metro London restaurant critic and traveller for @olivemagazine. The Pvt. Walker of Tunnocks blueys. Don’t come here expecting any sense.

Writes for Olive magazine & The Metro newspaper in London. Yet another journalist who kindly did the ‘5Questions‘.

#3: Micheal Winner with 12,560 followers

Hard to say if he would even class himself as a restaurant critic but he does it every week. having read his tweets you’re more likely to say it’s a parody.

Bio on twitter:I am a totally insane film director, writer, producer, silk shirt cleaner, bad tempered, totally ridiculous example of humanity in deep shit.

Writes in The Sunday Times.

#2: Jay Rayner with 21,751 followers.

Bio on twitter: Eats, writes about it. Ponces about on telly. Has big hair.

Writes for The Observer & on The Guardian ‘Word of Mouth’ blog

#1: Giles Coren with 54,593 followers.

Bio on twitter: Father of the more famous Kitty.

Writes for The Times at the weekend. Widely disliked by the catering fraternity. Mainly because many believe he talks too much about himself & his surrounding banality rather than what he actually gets paid to review. Want an idea of how obnoxious Mr Coren is? Here is an email he sent to The Times sub editors after they tinkered with one of his reviews: Coren Email

4 Responses to “The 10 most followed UK restaurant critics”
  1. Cat says:

    Interesting article but we think you’ll find you missed out the Isle of Wight’s most popular restaurant reviewers, Matt and Cat! We’ve got over 900 followers on Twitter and have just launched our own loyalty card. Plus our website recently exceeded six million views 🙂

    • chefhermes says:

      Dear Matt & Cat,
      Thank you for taking the time to read & tweet about my post, but there are serveral things I should point out to you.
      Firstly the post itself was in reply to a post I think on Huffington Post and leading on from that no bloggers made that list either.
      Secondly if I were to include bloggers from the UK, people like Chris Pople (cheese n biscuits blog @ 3885 followers) or eat like a girl @ 8427 followers to name 2 would make the list.
      So although I congratulate you on your 900 followers (because it’s not easy to get & keep them), unfortunately you still wouldnt have made the list.

      The post was actually meant to be a bit tongue in cheek more than anything else.

  2. Louis says:

    I love that Giles Coren e-mail and are pleased to see that you have immortalised it (in an easy reading format), for me to read whenever I feel angry and i’m going to kick something (subsequently to realise that perhaps I am overreacting).

    He sure does have a lot more followers than any of the others interestingly.

    • chefhermes says:

      Thanks, it is a great email & I’m sure that Mr Coren will thank me for re-posting it, NOT.
      With regard to followers, all I can say is that the Sun has a readership of over 20 times that of The Times. So if you appeal to the lowest common denominator then you will have more followers.

      Many thx for the comment & I’ll be having a flick through your blog soon.

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