Surprise Appointment at Coworth Park

This lunch time ‘The Chef Hermes blog’ received some surprise news. After the post not so long a go about the restructuring in the kitchens of The Dorchester Collection’s latest country outpost, it all seemed a done deal. John Campbell would move to a 3 day a week consultancy role to oversee the eponymous restaurant which would be run on a day to day basis by Olly Rouse. Mr Campbell’s right hand man, Peter Eaton would be asked to apply for the Executive Chef’s role but I was told that this was a formality.

So imagine to my astonishment when I get a phone call telling me Chris Meredith has been appointed to the role that was supposedly destined for Mr Eaton. Mr Meredith has a wealth of experience, gaining a Michelin star at both The Samling & Gilpin Lodge in Cumbria before setting off to go it alone at the Plough at Lupton. It is my understanding that the new restructuring will remain in place and that Mr Meredith will take no part in Restaurant John Campbell, but will instead oversee all other food operations.

My source has told me that Mr Meredith’s services have been sought by the Dorchester Collection for some time for various other projects in London, but they has always been rebuffed. Mr Meredith has remained in contacted with The Dorchester’s Executive chef Henry Brosi after his time there as a Chef de Partie.

Where does this leave Mr Eaton? Unfortunately I’m unable to answer that question, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish both Mr Meredith & Mr Eaton all the best for the future.

As a postscript to this story I’ve now been told that a little over 12hours after this post went live Mr Eaton has now left Coworth Park. Mr Rouse & Mr Campbell remain, contrary to reports on other sites.

One Response to “Surprise Appointment at Coworth Park”
  1. Ive done the Plough at Lupton a couple of months ago…..Can i take the 5th please ?

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