Seasonal Produce ~ June

So it’s that time of the month again for the seasonal produce list. It never ceases to amaze me what people put in to search engines to find this blog, but consistently the term ‘Wood Sorrel‘ is up there. In fact it’s the 3rd most used search term for the blog. I’m not entirely sure why people seem to request information on this specific plant, but I’m only to happy to supply it.

Wood Sorrel is a small ground level plant that has white flowers in Spring which may have a pink / purple vein markings on them. It grows in moist shaded woodland & possess similar slightly adverse effects on digestion as Broccoli and  Spinach due to containing oxalic acid. Although this is considered only to be a nominal & small amount that it is considered to have little or no effect on somebody eating a balanced diet. The taste of Wood Sorrel is in keeping with that of it’s more domestic cousin with a sharp acid taste, with slight raspberry undertones.

This dainty leafed plant is also known as Shamrock.

So there you have it, a brief explanation on one of the most used search terms for this blog. As ever there is the printable PDF at the bottom of the page, which this month is now 2 pages long.



Artichoke (Baby, globe, French Globe), Asparagus (English, Wild), Aubergine (English) Avocados, Bean (Borlotti, Broad, Coco, Yellow Flat, Bean shoots, Yellow Butter), Beetroot (Baby, Golden, Candy, leaves), Borage Flower, Breakfast Radish, Broad Beans (English), Broccoli (English late sprouting), Carrots (Baby ,Yellow & Black, Chantenay),  Cauliflower (English), Sweetcorn Cobs (Spanish), Courgettes (Round Green, Round Yellow, flower French),  Cucumbers, Elderflower, Fennel (English Baby, Italian), Garlic (French wet, New season wet), Horseradish, Leeks (English Baby), Marrows, Almonds, Onions (French Grelot, Baby Grelot, Silver skin, Button), Peas (English), Pomelos.

Potatoes (Binjte, Estima, Jersey mids, King Edwards, Maris Peer, Ratte, Ayrshire royal, Jersey Royals), Salad (Boston King, Buttercrunch, Little gems, Lambs Lettuce, Mesclun, Mizuna, Lovage, Mustard greens, Oak leaf, Rienne des glace, Scarole, Watercress English, Webs wonder, Pea shoots, Sorrel, Spinach Curly Endive, Dandelion (pissenlit), Frissee curly), Samphire (French marsh), Shallots, Tomato (Cherry yellow, Plum vine, English Salad, Heirloom, Italian Baby San Mezzano, Jersey Vine, Beef, Cherry red, Cherry vine Sicily, Coeur de Boeuf veritable , Verona, Rose de Berne)

Turnips (English Baby, French Flat, baby long, small early purple tops)

Wood Sorrel (Limited)


Apples (Granny smith), Apricots, Blackberries, Blackcurrants (towards the end of the month), Blueberries, Cherries, Elderberries (Mid month), Figs (Starting end of month), Frais du Bois (English), Charentais Melon, Gooseberries (English), Green Almonds, Indian Pomegranates

Mangoes (Air Freight, Alphonso/Kesar), Maras du Bois, Nectarines (White/Yellow), Peaches (flat), Raspberries (English), Rhubarb (English Outdoor), Sharon Fruit, Strawberries (Mara de bois, Wild, English), Watermelons (New Crop), Whitecurrants. Yuzu (Yellow & Green)

Game & Meat

Beef, Deer (Roe, Bucks), Duckling, Lamb, Pigeon (Wood), Pork, Quail, Rabbit.


Anchovy, Bream (Black, pink), Brill, Cod (Atlantic, Pacific, Icelandic), Coley, Cuttlefish, Grey Mullet, Haddock, Hake Halibut (Greenland, Pacific), Herring (Icelandic), Hokey, Megrim, Perch, Plaice, Pollack, Salmon (wild), Sea Trout, Whiting, Zander.


Crawfish, Spiny Lobster, Cuttlefish, Langoustine, Lobster (native), Scallops (Queen)


Sweet Cicely, Wood Sorrel, Elderflower, Yarrow (June to Oct), Wild Borage flowers, Chickweed, Gean (wild cherry), Dewberry, Sand leek, Angelica (Alexanders),  Marsh Samphire

Rock Samphire, Wild Sea beet, Sea Purslane, Orache, Sea Blite, Sea Lettuce, Lava Bread, Shore Crabs, Wild rocket, Lambs sorrel, Wood sorrel, Wild margoram, Wild fennel, Wild mint, Meadow Sweet, Wild Celery, Lime tree(Linden).

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