Market Produce Supplement

After mentioning Wild Harvest UK in the August seasonal produce list, it was quite funny to talk to one of their account managers by chance. Every week Wild Harvest UK produce a market update with what is currently good, along with what is coming in & going out. The seasonal produce lists will still continue at the start of the month, but the weekly updates will give everybody a better idea of what is actually in the markets.

And so to the update from Wild Harvest:

We are following the Cep flushes around Europe and expect a small delivery from Romania to start next week.  Flushes will be sporadic, so we do have dried and frozen ceps to offer, which can offer consistency until the season rolls forward in September.

There has been a lot of rain, so we are hopefully for our first delivery of English Giant Puffballs at the end of the week.  Keep updated on twitter to find out as and when they are in.

Other than that no changes from the cracking range on offer, which includes

Wild Mushrooms & Truffles:

  • Trompette
  • Chanterelle
  • Pied de Mouton
  • Cauliflower Fungus
  • Stropharia Rugos-Annulata

Seasonal & Foraged Produce:

  • As French cob nuts dry up we are expecting to see the Kentish crop start by the next week
  • Stone fruits are now at their ripe best and Victoria plums (my favourite, as grown in my Granny’s garden) are in abundance
  • Late-summer berries are still coming through including blueberries, redcurrants and golden raspberries
  • Quince is currently coming from Chile but the European crop will start in a matter of weeks
  • Black radish is back. Great to pickle or run along a mandolin
  • We are now selling romanesco, purple and yellow cauliflower
  • Brassicas & beets are at their best with cavolo nero (black cabbage) and purple sprouting broccoli in good supply
  • Elderberries, Crab Apples and Sheeps Sorrel are now available from our Norfolk forager.


Beautiful plump, long legged grouse from Scotland is down in price and we will be receiving our first order of venison saddles, strip-loins, hare & oven-ready wood pigeon & wood pigeon breasts coming for the beginning of the week.

Season End:

  • Sea blight
  • Fresh frais du bois
  • Mirabelle plums
  • Fresh gherkins
  • Apricots

This year, as a first, our supplier is offering Grey Squirrel as a pre-order special request; please get in touch if you are interested.

Also I have to remind you that because of the Bank Holiday we will be closed on Monday, so we won’t be here.  If you miss us today, you can leave your order on our answer machines.

Expected soon:

  • Apples and Pears

Many thanks to Louise at Wild Harvest UK for supplying the market update.

They can be found at:

Wild Harvest Ltd
Units B61-64
New Covent Garden Market

Telephone:   020 7498 5397
Fax:   020 7498 5419


Website: Wild Harvest UK


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