Market Produce Supplement & Festive ideas

We’re already thinking about Christmas at Wild Harvest, so here is an alternative to your weekly update to let you know what we will be stocking our warehouse with this festive period.

Just to let you know we are expecting Long-Legged Red Partridge for the end of this week and there is a possibility of Cep for mid-week.  The flush of Ceps we received from Romania were beautiful and we hope the same quality will continue as October season rolls on steadily.  Due to weather conditions in France, Chanterelles are not available this week, though we are expecting more reliable sources from Bulgaria,Spain and Scotland in the next fortnight or so.

We also have a promotion on Italian Cooking wines until the end of September, saving you £4.00 on a 9L case.  Please speak to your account manager for more information.

So, ho ho ho…

Wild Mushrooms & Truffles

South African Cep & Frozen European


American Girolles

Pied De Mouton

Trompette de la Mort

French Perigord Truffles

Italian White Truffles

This sits alongside our extensive range of truffle products including excelled white and black Urbani truffle oils, truffle honey and tartufata truffle paste.

Seasonal Produce

Pear William

Leafy Clementine

Crab Apples

Muscat Grapes



English Cox & Royal Gala Apples

Fresh Cranberries to sit alongside our range of frozen, dried and jarred cranberries

Globe & Baby Artichokes

Candy & Golden Beetroot

Jerusalem Artichokes

Chervil Root

Crosnes (Japanese Artichoke)

Parsley Root


Iron Bar Pumpkins


Candied & Dried Fruit & Nuts

A broad selection of candied and dried fruit and nuts; perfect for Christmas Puddings, or a modern twist on a traditional classic, such as Heston’s sell out Christmas Pudding from last year at Waitrose…

Fresh, cooked and vacuum Chestnuts packed in various preserved forms, bearing the Imbert brand


We will supplement our year-round range with AOC Crème Fraiche flavoured with Calvados or Armagnac from Isigny inBrittany. Rich all-butter Puff Pastry is also available, labour saving and beautiful.

This is the season for Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese. Perfect baked with Perigord truffle or studded with rosemary and garlic, drizzled with olive oil (à la Mum and Dad on the farm for Christmas Eve).

Fresh Pasta

Our fresh Italian pasta is made daily inLondon using the best Italian ingredients.

It is a great labour-saving course or accompaniment

Meat & Fish

Foie Gras fromLes Landes,France

French Goose

Red Tractor-assured Turkey

Label Rouge Capons (male Chickens) & Poularde

Gressingham Duck

Scottish Venison & Winged Game

Irish & English Aged Beef

Irish Ox Cheeks

Suckling Pigs

Pata Negra Hams

Goose & Duck Fat

Tsar Cut & long-sliced Scottish smoked salmon

An new, improved selection of high-end farmed Caviar

Dry Store & Pastry

Cooking Wines & Spirits: A full range including Port, Madeira, Brandy and Eau de Vies. 

Chocolate: Amedei, Cacao Barry & Callebaut to cover all bases

Spices: from anise to vanilla and back again

Sicoly Fruit Purees: a labour-saver at a busy time of year and consistently flavoursome in a quiet period for the fresh fruit growing season

Sosa: distinguish your desserts and save time with these Spanish wonder-products that include powdered colourants (gold, silver, red, green etc available) and ice-cream and sorbet stabilizers.  Ask your account manager for a Sosa DVD to explore the entire range

If there are any particular festive products you are looking for please do let us know.

As always if you have any further questions please do get in touch, or in touch with your account manager.

On that note I’m off to dress up as a pirate and finally getting a chance to have a go on the tractor.  If you are attending the Specialty Fine Food Fair on Monday please do tweet @wildharvestuk it’s always good to put a face to a name.

Have a great weekend chef, and an early Merry Christmas.

Many thanks to Louise at Wild Harvest UK for supplying the market update.

They can be found at:

Wild Harvest Ltd
Units B61-64
New Covent Garden Market

Telephone:   020 7498 5397
Fax:   020 7498 5419


Website: Wild Harvest UK



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