Latest Offerings from Quadrille, Classic Voices in Food

Some time ago I was sent two books from publishers Quadrille, not the normal show case of new talent or the formulaic seasonal TV recipe tie in from a sleb chef. No, the new series from the publishing house is rejuvenating old & unheard of classics, hence the name Classic Voices in Food I suppose. … Continue reading

Ocean Voyage, Mark Jordan, a Book Review

After assisting me in getting Michelin starred Mark Jordan to take part in the 5Questions, his PR agent Victoria has stayed in touch. Trying to get a copy of Mr Jordan’s book for review would be a no brainer, it was bound to filled with lovely glossy pictures & tasty recipes, and when the man … Continue reading

Cliff House Hotel, The Cookbook, Martijn Kajuiter ~ A Book Review

For those of you that follow the blog on Twitter you will be aware that we were sent a copy of Martijn Kajuiter’s book by the man himself a few weeks ago. Now as the book isn’t available in the UK yet ( list a UK publishing date as 3rd February 2011), we felt that … Continue reading

Kitchen Garden Companion, Stephanie Alexander ~ A book review

Every once in a while a book comes along which we just can’t put down. Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion published by Quadrille Books, is just one such book. Whilst many chefs may call for books from their idols filled with food porn, which they can gleam slight insights as to how these talented individuals … Continue reading

Meat, Adrian Richardson ~ A book review

Ok so we know this book has been out for a while now (November 2008), but we’ve decided to do the review as we were approached by Mr Richardson’s agent & (crucially) it is actually a book worth reading for most cooks & chefs. Mr Richardson owns La Luna Bistro in the suburbs of Melbourne, … Continue reading