Market Produce Supplement & Festive ideas

We’re already thinking about Christmas at Wild Harvest, so here is an alternative to your weekly update to let you know what we will be stocking our warehouse with this festive period. Just to let you know we are expecting Long-Legged Red Partridge for the end of this week and there is a possibility of … Continue reading

A Pause for Thought, My 7Links.

Recently I was asked by fellow blogger Elizabeth on Food, if I’d be interested in taking part in a project called ‘My 7 Links’ from the website Quite a simple concept, of getting like minded bloggers together and linking their favourite posts. It can also put you in a reflective mood when you come … Continue reading

Putting a Chef’s Life into Perspective for The Daily Mail

The day after the ‘Glorious 12th‘ is usually a humdrum kind of day. The race to be the first to cook & serve the new seasons Grouse has faded and now it’s just another dish to do the mise en place for. Except on August 13th this year The Daily Mail published a story, I … Continue reading

el Bulli, the legacy & the after effects

Saturday 30th July will go down in culinary history, ordinarily just a weekend in mid summer. But this Saturday was different. It was the final ever service at the iconic gastronomic destination, El Bulli. For over 20+ years Ferran Adria has presided over the stoves at the foodie Mecca, initiating the movement that is known … Continue reading

Is the end in sight for the sorry tale of von Essen?

For what seems like an eternity, the story of Andrew Davis & von Essen hotels  has been rumbling on. Whether it’s a character assassination in the case of the Daily Mail or more sturdy reporting in the case of The Times on June 16th by Dominic Walsh . The closing date for sealed bids was … Continue reading