Market Produce Supplement & Festive ideas

We’re already thinking about Christmas at Wild Harvest, so here is an alternative to your weekly update to let you know what we will be stocking our warehouse with this festive period. Just to let you know we are expecting Long-Legged Red Partridge for the end of this week and there is a possibility of … Continue reading

Seasonal Produce ~ September

With the summer starting to draw to a close & the wild produce starting to fade. Thoughts turn to the long autumnal nights. Please use this seasonal produce list in conjunction with the Wild Harvest Market produce updates, which I’ll try to post every Friday. As ever the downloadable PDF is at the foot of … Continue reading

Market Produce Supplement

After mentioning Wild Harvest UK in the August seasonal produce list, it was quite funny to talk to one of their account managers by chance. Every week Wild Harvest UK produce a market update with what is currently good, along with what is coming in & going out. The seasonal produce lists will still continue … Continue reading

Seasonal Prouce ~ August

Due to the very nature that is summer this months produce list is a) late, sorry about that. & b) quite long. August is probably my favorite month of the year due to the amount of top class produce around. Besides the list, obviously, maybe follow Oakleaf European Produce & Wild Harvest as they both … Continue reading

Seasonal Produce ~July

So now with summer in full swing and various chefs tweeting their food porn, the sky is the limit or as far as your imagination goes concerning produce. Although the current trend for ‘Modern Cuisine’ still lingers, the there has become a train of thought which is taking chefs back to the classics. Former Pastry … Continue reading