Market Produce Supplement

After mentioning Wild Harvest UK in the August seasonal produce list, it was quite funny to talk to one of their account managers by chance. Every week Wild Harvest UK produce a market update with what is currently good, along with what is coming in & going out. The seasonal produce lists will still continue … Continue reading

A Pause for Thought, My 7Links.

Recently I was asked by fellow blogger Elizabeth on Food, if I’d be interested in taking part in a project called ‘My 7 Links’ from the website Quite a simple concept, of getting like minded bloggers together and linking their favourite posts. It can also put you in a reflective mood when you come … Continue reading

The Pâté of Childhood, Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the foods that most people have grown up with, crunchy or smooth, it didn’t really matter. But as you grow older it somehow seems to get left behind, like the tatty security blanket or the teddy bear that has seen better days. The history of the origins of Peanut butter … Continue reading

Putting a Chef’s Life into Perspective for The Daily Mail

The day after the ‘Glorious 12th‘ is usually a humdrum kind of day. The race to be the first to cook & serve the new seasons Grouse has faded and now it’s just another dish to do the mise en place for. Except on August 13th this year The Daily Mail published a story, I … Continue reading

Words of Advice ~ Trevor Blyth

This post in the series of ‘5Questions‘ comes from an English chef strutting his stuff in Japan. Trevor Blyth rose to prominence in 1996 by winning the prestigious Roux Scholarship. Rather me rattle on about the competition maybe watch the short film from the Scholarship’s own channel on YouTube: Originally hailing from Norwich, Mr Blyth … Continue reading