Worshipped by Pastry Chefs ~ Vanilla

Originally thought only to be grown in Mexico due a combination of climate, eco-system & the bees required for pollination, vanilla is now widely available globally. This is due to a 12 year old slave boy called Edmond Albius from the former French colony of Reunion, who discovered that the Vanilla orchid could be hand … Continue reading

Words of Advice ~ Laurie Gear

This edition of the ‘5Questions‘ comes from a chef where you would think the world was against him. After opening the Artichoke restaurant in Old Amersham in 2002, they suffered a major set back 6 years later. In June 2008 a fire in a neighbouring fish restaurant spread to the Artichoke, subsequently causing it to … Continue reading

Words of Advice ~ Jason Atherton

Yes, the title reads right, the former Maze chef Jason Atherton shares his words of advice with our readers. Although Mr Atherton needs no introduction, we’re going to do one anyway. Amongst his many claims to fame Mr Atherton was the first British chef to stage at the famed El Bulli restaurant, where it is … Continue reading

Words of Advice, The Legends ~ Richard Neat

Following on from our ‘Words of Advice’ series with current crop of talented chefs such as Micheal Wignal, Nathan Outlaw, Shaun Rankin, Wylie Dufresne and latterly Tom Aikens. Our next chef used to be Tom Aikins’s Head Chef. Richard Neat came to the attention of the catering media as Head Chef of ‘Pied a Terre’, … Continue reading