Worshipped by Pastry Chefs ~ Vanilla

Originally thought only to be grown in Mexico due a combination of climate, eco-system & the bees required for pollination, vanilla is now widely available globally. This is due to a 12 year old slave boy called Edmond Albius from the former French colony of Reunion, who discovered that the Vanilla orchid could be hand … Continue reading

There’s a bit more to Carrots….

For this month’s collection of recipes, we thought that we’d post a some recipes of a much underrated vegetable. Carrots normally form part of mirepoix, purees & soups, but as our blog will demonstrate they are just a bit more versatile than that. Although the most common colour for carrots is orange, they actually do … Continue reading

Our Review of 2010 & the landmark 100th post.

Well, here it is, our 100th post on the Chef Hermes blog. After spotting a niche in the blogosphere on the 21st February 2010 the first post emerged. To say that month’s figures were disappointing is a mild understatement, at the end of the month the blog had just 30 page views (not including us … Continue reading

Recipe ~ Pineapple & Polenta Cakes

Sorry again, we’ve been a touch busy in the office. So we’d thought that you could have another one of our tweaked recipes, this time based on a Charlie Trotter recipe. We like the main series of Charlie Trotter books especially for their beautiful photography, the only slight irritation is that the measurements are all … Continue reading

Recession & expansion

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen the green shoots of recovery in the hospitality industry, with rumours and acquisitions starting to gather pace and yet closures for others. Some of biggest names in catering have had to close outposts to keep the ship afloat, Charlie Trotter, Gordon Ramsey, Raymond Blanc, Anthony Worral Thompson, … Continue reading