Words of Advice ~ Johnny Mountain

With the blog rapidly approaching it’s first birthday we’ve had a bit of a rethink as to how we structure the posts and their content. First up for review was the chef’s ‘5Questions’. In the past they have come from chefs who are predominantly Michelin starred. There have been exceptions to the rule Aiden Byrne, … Continue reading

British Onions & what to do with them.

This post started out in life as a quick recipe about onion gravy after receiving an email from Phipps PR. As one of the aims of the Chef Hermes blog is to share restaurant proved recipes with our readership, we thought ‘Yeah, not a problem’. Then as the days passed by, whilst our notes were … Continue reading

Our Review of 2010 & the landmark 100th post.

Well, here it is, our 100th post on the Chef Hermes blog. After spotting a niche in the blogosphere on the 21st February 2010 the first post emerged. To say that month’s figures were disappointing is a mild understatement, at the end of the month the blog had just 30 page views (not including us … Continue reading

Words of Advice ~ Tom Kerridge

So as we edge nearer to Christmas and the chefs we’d like to feature in the series of ‘5Questions‘ are getting busier & busier, we’d like to thank them all for their efforts in helping with the posts. The chef featuring in this post is no stranger to the media, he actually started out as … Continue reading

Words of Advice ~ Jason Atherton

Yes, the title reads right, the former Maze chef Jason Atherton shares his words of advice with our readers. Although Mr Atherton needs no introduction, we’re going to do one anyway. Amongst his many claims to fame Mr Atherton was the first British chef to stage at the famed El Bulli restaurant, where it is … Continue reading