Putting a Chef’s Life into Perspective for The Daily Mail

The day after the ‘Glorious 12th‘ is usually a humdrum kind of day. The race to be the first to cook & serve the new seasons Grouse has faded and now it’s just another dish to do the mise en place for. Except on August 13th this year The Daily Mail published a story, I … Continue reading

British Onions & what to do with them.

This post started out in life as a quick recipe about onion gravy after receiving an email from Phipps PR. As one of the aims of the Chef Hermes blog is to share restaurant proved recipes with our readership, we thought ‘Yeah, not a problem’. Then as the days passed by, whilst our notes were … Continue reading

Michelin 2011, a Hundred Years On

As you’d expect around the 3rd week of January there is the fevered anticipation due to  the release of the ‘Little Red Book’. The speculation has been rife, with rumours circulating on the internet of a new 3 star. The early money seemed to be on Marcus Wareing at The Berkley but in more recent … Continue reading